Friday, December 28, 2007

Post B #10

In this section of the book, Hannah goes onto explaining how Zach tipped her off by taking her compliment notes. In their class, they have bags with the students names. If you had anything to compliment the students about, you would write it on a paper and put it in their bag. The problem was that for a while, Hannah had not been receiving any compliments. She had no clue why she hadn't gotten any, since she would get them all the time a while ago. Hannah decides to take things into her own hands and figure out why this is happening. She soon finds out that at the end of class, Zach would pretend to give Hannah a note; but really he was taking them all.

Maybe it didn't seem like a big deal to you, Zach. But now, I hope you understand. My world was collapsing. I needed those notes. I needed any hope these letters might have offered.

This is a significant part in the book because this is where everything is falling in on Hannah and she is now realizing it. In this section, Hannah tells us that in her Peer Communications class; is the first place she started thinking about suicide.

Post A #9

to put away, as in a safe or convenient place (pg.155)

devised- to form, plan, or arrange in the mind; design or contrive(pg.157)

I pretended not to notice him. Not because I had anything against him, but because my heart and my trust were being in the process of collapsing. And that collapse created a vacuum in my chest. Like every nerve in my body was withering in, pulling away from my fingers and toes. Pulling back and disappearing.(pg.159-160)
I think that this part could be a few things, but what I found to be the most fitting is it being a simile. It talks about the chest collapsing and "like" every nerve in my body was withering. It uses the word like to compare it to something.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Post A #8

Decipher- to make out the meaning of (pg.122)

Scalpel- a small, light, usually straight knife used in surgical and anatomical operations and dissections (pg.133)

With all the stories, it seemed that Rosie turned a blind eye to anything going on as long as cones were being filled and burgers were being flipped.(pg.135)
I think that this sentence is using personification because the author is giving a restaurant a human characteristic.

I answer the phone, but even the simplest words catch in my throat and I say nothing.(pg.136)
I think that this would be a metaphor because it is giving the words characteristics to represent something

Post B #7

In in this section of the book, Hannah talks about how at their school they take a survey about themselves and then turn it in. The cheerleaders "match" the people who are compatible and send them their numbers. Hannah takes the survey not thinking much of it, but she finds out the goof ball of the class, Marcus; is her match. Marcus asks her to Rosie's Diner after school as a date, and Hannah reluctantly agrees. After school that day Hannah went straight to the Diner and waited for Marcus. Hannah explains in the tapes that if you are alone in the Diner, you basically have a neon sign that says: social reject. Hannah waits for Marcus for a good thirty minutes and then Marcus decides to show. At first Marcus and Hannah have a great time laughing, telling stories; and then Hannah knew why he was really here. He came here to see if her reputation with boys was true. Marcus; trying to seduce Hannah (and not succeeding) gets a punch in the side from Hannah. She will never be used. This is when Hannah really thinks that he life is spiraling out of control and she has no say in it.

I think that this is a big turning point for Hannah Baker because this is where everything starts to get out of hand and she realizes that her life is going nowhere near where she wants it to go.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Post B #6

In this section, Hannah talks about Courtney Crimsen, one of her many reasons why she committed suicide. She talks about how Courtney is super popular and how everyone loves her. Courtney always ignored Hannah in the halls and in class until one day, she asked Hannah if she wanted to go to a party. Hannah explains in the tapes that later she figured that Courtney used Hannah to give her a ride to the party. She also talks about her Peeping Tom, Tyler. Tyler has been looking into her window for a bit and how he had ended up taking an awkward picture and then showed it off. Clay is getting restless with trying to find out why he is in the tapes, and thinking about how he could have made the difference of a life. I discovered i was sick of this town and everything in it.(pg.118)

I think that this book is trying to tell people that there is drama everywhere you go, and sometimes you have to go for something you want before its too late.

Post A #5

Urn- a large metal container with a spigot, used for making or serving tea or coffee in quantity. (pg.94)

Anthology- a book or other collection of selected writings by various authors, usually in the same literary form, of the same period, or on the same subject. (pg.96)

It turns out you were just grooming me to be another tally mark under People Who Think Courtney Crimsen Is a Really Neat Girl.(pg.95)
This a metaphor because it an is expression that is used to refer to something that is not possible.

And my heart tumbled a bit.(pg.100)
I think this is personification because it is giving the heart the characteristics to walk or fall, when in real life it is not possible.

But you smiled at me. And finally, you said the magic word. "Good-bye." And good-bye was exactly what you meant.(pg.104)

I think that this is a significant quote because Courtney always treated Hannah like this. Also, I think that Hannah also is getting to the point where Courtney is a major role in why Hannah committed suicide.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Post B #4

In this book, Hannah Baker brings Clay on the most suspenseful day of his life. He receives 7 Tapes that explain why Hannah commits suicide. So far clay finds out that the first reason is Hannah's ex boyfriend, Justin Foley. She goes on and explains in the tape all of the nice things and mean things he does to her that nobody else knows. The next person is Alex Standall. Alex creates a harmless "HOT or NOT" list that includes Hannah. Hannah is voted "nicest ass."It seems harmless if you are one of the people receiving the list, but Alex has a horrible reason behind why he created the list and why he put Hannah on the list. Next along is Jessica Davis, her first real friend at the new school. In the tape, it tells how little things that people do have big effects to people. It explains how Jessica was nice at first and then decides to turn against her and not stick up to her.

I think everyone can really relate to Hannah in a sense because at one point in everyone's life; they have gotten their feelings hurt. Also, people don't realize that harmless little things can add up to something bigger.