Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Post B #6

In this section, Hannah talks about Courtney Crimsen, one of her many reasons why she committed suicide. She talks about how Courtney is super popular and how everyone loves her. Courtney always ignored Hannah in the halls and in class until one day, she asked Hannah if she wanted to go to a party. Hannah explains in the tapes that later she figured that Courtney used Hannah to give her a ride to the party. She also talks about her Peeping Tom, Tyler. Tyler has been looking into her window for a bit and how he had ended up taking an awkward picture and then showed it off. Clay is getting restless with trying to find out why he is in the tapes, and thinking about how he could have made the difference of a life. I discovered i was sick of this town and everything in it.(pg.118)

I think that this book is trying to tell people that there is drama everywhere you go, and sometimes you have to go for something you want before its too late.

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