Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Post A #5

Urn- a large metal container with a spigot, used for making or serving tea or coffee in quantity. (pg.94)

Anthology- a book or other collection of selected writings by various authors, usually in the same literary form, of the same period, or on the same subject. (pg.96)

It turns out you were just grooming me to be another tally mark under People Who Think Courtney Crimsen Is a Really Neat Girl.(pg.95)
This a metaphor because it an is expression that is used to refer to something that is not possible.

And my heart tumbled a bit.(pg.100)
I think this is personification because it is giving the heart the characteristics to walk or fall, when in real life it is not possible.

But you smiled at me. And finally, you said the magic word. "Good-bye." And good-bye was exactly what you meant.(pg.104)

I think that this is a significant quote because Courtney always treated Hannah like this. Also, I think that Hannah also is getting to the point where Courtney is a major role in why Hannah committed suicide.

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