Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Post B #4

In this book, Hannah Baker brings Clay on the most suspenseful day of his life. He receives 7 Tapes that explain why Hannah commits suicide. So far clay finds out that the first reason is Hannah's ex boyfriend, Justin Foley. She goes on and explains in the tape all of the nice things and mean things he does to her that nobody else knows. The next person is Alex Standall. Alex creates a harmless "HOT or NOT" list that includes Hannah. Hannah is voted "nicest ass."It seems harmless if you are one of the people receiving the list, but Alex has a horrible reason behind why he created the list and why he put Hannah on the list. Next along is Jessica Davis, her first real friend at the new school. In the tape, it tells how little things that people do have big effects to people. It explains how Jessica was nice at first and then decides to turn against her and not stick up to her.

I think everyone can really relate to Hannah in a sense because at one point in everyone's life; they have gotten their feelings hurt. Also, people don't realize that harmless little things can add up to something bigger.

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