Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Post B #7

In in this section of the book, Hannah talks about how at their school they take a survey about themselves and then turn it in. The cheerleaders "match" the people who are compatible and send them their numbers. Hannah takes the survey not thinking much of it, but she finds out the goof ball of the class, Marcus; is her match. Marcus asks her to Rosie's Diner after school as a date, and Hannah reluctantly agrees. After school that day Hannah went straight to the Diner and waited for Marcus. Hannah explains in the tapes that if you are alone in the Diner, you basically have a neon sign that says: social reject. Hannah waits for Marcus for a good thirty minutes and then Marcus decides to show. At first Marcus and Hannah have a great time laughing, telling stories; and then Hannah knew why he was really here. He came here to see if her reputation with boys was true. Marcus; trying to seduce Hannah (and not succeeding) gets a punch in the side from Hannah. She will never be used. This is when Hannah really thinks that he life is spiraling out of control and she has no say in it.

I think that this is a big turning point for Hannah Baker because this is where everything starts to get out of hand and she realizes that her life is going nowhere near where she wants it to go.

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