Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Post B #2

In this section of the book, It starts off with someone dropping off a package to the post office. The person acts as if he has just been in a storm, his mind all jumbled up talking about someone named Hannah Baker. We don't know who this kid is, all we know is that this person received a package with no return address. The package come with some tapes and have to do with Hannah Baker not being at school.

This is the beginning of the book and it really makes you wonder what happens to Hannah and what the tapes are all about. If I were to write Jay Asher a letter asking him about the book i would ask a lot of things. I would ask him what made him chose the book to be about a suicide. I would ask him what in life influenced him on the book. I think that this book will be a good read and make me want to keep reading.

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