Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Marley and Me (pt. 3)

John Grogan was born in Detroit, Mighigan on March 20th, 1957. He was the youngest of four, and lived in a very catholic family. By eighth grade he was writing songs about the nuns just for fun, and in high school, besides writing for the school newspaper, he started an underground tabloid, which earned him a trip to the principal's office. From there he went onto Central Michigan University, trying to get a double major in Journalism and English.

His first full time writing job was being a police reporter. He rode all night with cops, photographed murder victims, picked his way through smoldering house fires and sat over coffee with grieving parents. Also, he had enough courage to ask out one of the staff; Jenny, who later on ended up marrying John.

Years later, John accepted a job with the South Flordia Sun-Sentinel. Jenny quickly followed, landing a position as a feature writer at The Palm Beach Post. Not long after moving to South Flordia, Jenny and John got married.

Now John and Jenny live in the Pennsylvania countryside with their three children and a surprisingly calm Labrador retriever named Gracie.

Information provided by: http://www.marleyandme.com/index.html

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