Monday, November 5, 2007

Marley and Me (pt. 2)

In this section, John talks about how Marley and him have lots of "bonding time." He goes on to talk about how Jenny thinks that she may be pregnant. They rush to the closest drug store and bought a test... and she ends up being pregnant. Later on, John talks about how Marley was a good add to the family due to the fact of the neighborhood history of a horrible murder. Days went on and Jenny was working out and taking walks in the morning, trying to stay healthy for her sake and for the baby. When Jenny went in for her 10 week ultra-sound, the doctors found that there was something wrong and that Jenny had a miscarriage. For the next week, John would find Jenny awake in the morning; sobbing and trying to fight back the tears. Marley was always there by her side though; there to comfort her in every way possible.

Marley was not even six months old, and John was beginning to realize that Marley wasn't like most other dogs; he didn't understand the concept of walk and heel. John and Jenny thought it would be a good idea to try a "doggie school." Right from the start, Marley showed no control at all. He didn't like the formal introduction to the rest of the dogs; instead of nicely sitting and having their master introduce them, Marley thought it would be a better idea to plow through the line of dogs. By the end of class, the instructor politely asked if them if they could stay after. The instructor flat out explained that Marley was too young and was a distraction to the other dogs.

"So you're kicking us out?"
"I'll happily give you a full refund."
"You're kicking us out."
"Yes," she finally said. "I'm kicking you out."

Marley as if on cue, lifted his leg and let loose a raging stream of urine, missing his beloved instructor's foot by mere centimeters. (pg. 66)

The next day, when John came home from work; Marley had left a present for the two. Marley had shredded the carpets, paint clawed off the walls, the ironing board was tipped over; worst of all... the doorway looked like it had been attacked with a chipper-shredder. Bits of wood were sprayed in a ten-foot semicircle around the door, which was gouged halfway through to the other side.

Jenny's voice came from behind me. "When I came home for lunch, everything was fine," she said. "But I could tell it was getting ready to rain." After she was back at work, an intense storm moved through, bringing with it sheets of rain, dazzling flashes of lightning, and thunder so powerful you could almost feel it thump against your chest." (pg 69)

John and Jenny went to the vet the next day, the vet recommended sedatives. John took no hesitation to give Marley the pills if it meant keeping the house in good condition.


scowling (pg.64)- When I read this word, I think of Curella DeVill; How she looks at those puppies in disgust.
sobbing (pg. 49)- When I read sobbing, I think of the person just teary eyed that cant stop crying.
brimming (pg. 44)- When I read the word brimming, I imagine a person that can't contain their excitement.
joyous (pg. 41)- When I read the word joyous, I imagine the person acting like everything is happy at that moment.
bubbly (pg. 37)- When I hear the word bubbly, I think of an overjoyed person that is "happy-go-lucky"
ecstatic (pg. 36)- When I hear the word ecstatic, I think of a super excited person that can't hold it in any longer.
crazed (pg. 33)- When I think of the word crazed, I think of a crazy look in someone's eyes that they cant get out of their eyes

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